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Increasing Your Income 1000% Formula. Brian Tracy

Increasing Your Income 1000% Formula
Learn Brian Tracy's strategy of increasing Your Income 1000% is based on the law of incremental improvement, the principal of continuous betterment. There is a thing in success called the "momentum principal." This means once you get going, it becomes easier and easier to keep going and to go faster and faster. You become more efficient, get more things done, become more productive and set better priorities. If you work 26% more efficiently every year for 10 years you will be 1004% better.

Bryan Tracy says you can read 60 books a year. Why only 60?

M'reen's notes of the video:
      1. Reading is exercise to the mind as exercise is to the body.
He advises reading for 1 hour each morning to set your mind up for the day.
But as a TCR reader you know that you can TCR a normal sized non-fiction or text book 
in 6-10 minutes and spend 20 minutes the following day bringing that material 
into your working awareness. And if you want a deeper or more detailed knowledge 
then you simply spend a little more time with that book.
You also know that your memory and recall of what you have read is secure.
Using his 1 hour principal you could TCR 10 books a week and not 1
Brian Tracy says that reading for an hour a day will result in reading 1 book a week or 60 books 
a year. Your dissertation is using the information actively in your life. TCR 600 / yr
He says that a university degree – even in astrophysics - only requires 30-50 books 
with a dissertation at the end.
      2.       List what you have to do that day. 
                This is establishing your Purpose the effective route through any activity.
      3.       Order that list in importance.   
                This is refining of the Focus of your purpose ensures TCR is time and effort efficient.
      4.       Start with No. 1
                Get in the zone with TCR; this is known as the focussed state of learning
          and is achieved with 3 breaths.
      5.       Listen to audio programmes in the car; turn your car into a university
                on wheels.                     
               With the TCR programme all the written material is re-presented as MP3(notes)
                for you to use when ironing, walking or indeed driving.
                Not only that BUT, also, the material is repeated in an MP3(+) format so that you can
                listen to the lesson while in the focussed state of learning and that is TCR via the
                ears ;) 
      Studies have proved that you get almost the equivalent of a full university attendance
      in your car university. However 90-95% of what is taught by a university is not practical
      in real life. But in your university car you choose what you listen to 
      and you choose what is relevant to you at this point in time.
      6.    After a meeting or event or action ask yourself 2 questions. 
a)    What did I do right? And then jot down notes as to what you did well. 
b)    What would I do better next time? 
When Turbo Charged Reading these 2 questions could be represented as:
a)    Giving your innermind orders as to what it is expected to do with the information 
     you’ve just poured into it.
b)    We’d create Mind Maps
Business and Sports coaches use this approach of giving your mind a positive instruction 
knowing that your mind is programmed to follow instructions.
I attempted drowning and failed and then decided what I would do next time
if faced with such a situation.
A few days later my mind/body simply reacted and I have no recall
of actively getting myself out of trouble, just of sitting on the edge of the pool.
      7.   Treat everyone, everyone – strangers to closest family as the most important person
            in your life.
      Starting with yourself! Your circles of influence start with yourself and spread outwards.
An important part of TCR is to tame your gremlins and change then into your strongest supporters. By themselves these MP3(+)s can be life changing and work with the 5 major problems 
of Turbo Charged Reading and these problems are:
1.    Confidence
2.    Procrastination
3.    Habit
4.    Unrealistic expectations
5.    Your own special blocks to success
      Turbo Charge Read your positive self development.
      Turbo Charge Read your educational and business success.
Turbo Charge Read in your aesthetic, sports and hobby areas.

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

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