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Boost Sports Performance With Vision Training

Photo taken by M'reen
I have read that using The-4-corners-gaze employed when Turbo Charged Reading
provably improves a person's vision to the extent, for some, of no longer needing glasses. 
I no longer need glasses.
Also that people become more aware of and use their peripheral vision when enjoying sports 
while also trusting their innermind to serve their purpose of achieving their aims. M'reen

Boost Sports Performance With Vision Training.

There's no denying sharp eyes are involved in sports... whether baseball or football, golf 
or another sport, good vision is key to doing well. Now many athletes are adding a new thing 
to their practice - vision training. This technique has been around for a while, 
but only recently has research suggested there might be something to it, you might be able to train yourself to see better without using glasses or having surgery.

Vision training has been able to help cadets pass pilot vision proficiency tests. 
Professional teams are experimenting with the idea 
and some players report the technique has made their vision sharper.
Earlier work on vision training has shown that it helps the performance of table tennis players, golfers
and field hockey players. Still the sample sizes in these projects were small and variables not easy 
to manage. Athletes are notoriously hard to study or understand what motivates.

It's easy to understand why vision training has been getting so much attention from psychophysicists, neurologists, optometrists and vision scientists, but in truth has little to do with improving eyesight.
The technique is a form of perceptual learning that is more about improving the ability to process
what you see. The idea being that if visual sensory neurons are activated a lot, they increase 
their ability to send electrical signals from cell to cell across the synapses.

If the neurons aren't used, over time transmissions get weaker. Just like with your muscles, 
the sensory neurons need to be used, or they are lost. Training your vision doesn't call for anything particularly difficult - focus one at a time on beads held at intervals on a length of string, 
one end held at the tip of your nose.
This particular exercise improves convergence and the ability to focus both near and far away.
There are companies who make products that are thought to strengthen peripheral vision. 
It's a game much like Whack-a-Mole, smacking at bulbs as they flash on and off, while keeping 
the gaze focused straight in front of you. The targets get progressively harder to pick out.

There is research from a team of psychologists that appears in the journal Current Biology 
that shows baseball players from the University of California, Riverside were able to improve 
in reading of eye charts (and batting averages) by 30% after finishing over two dozen 
25 minute sessions of vision training with a computer program. 
The players who didn't get the training didn't have the improvement.

Another study of University of Cincinnati baseball players showed impressive improvement 
in the batting average of players who took six weeks of different types of vision training. 
The team batting average rose 34 points from the previous year, a bigger improvement than other NCAA teams. What's more, errors went down by 15%, and fielding assists increased by 8%.

There's also work appearing in a recent issue of JAMA Ophthalmology on stroke, glaucoma 
and brain injury patients whose vision has been vastly improved as a result of vision training. Computer based vision training improved glaucoma patient's peripheral vision by an amazing 19%. Vision may be able to be improved with practice, not just in the optics of the eye, 
but in the central processing centers of the brain itself. 
Just as physical training is today, may suspect vision training must be tailored to the person.
A bit of discomfort is normal.

Kirsten Whittaker
Daily Health Bulletin Editor

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4 integrated ways to learn a foreign language.

Is Bailey a pero or a perro? M'reen

Four integrated ways to learn a foreign language. M'reen

First let me outline the ways I do not wish to spend my four week challenge
of learning to speak Spanish.
I do not want to learn a language from the outside in.
I do not want to spend time with computer programmes no matter how technologically brilliant.
I do not want to spend hours attending to CDs or MP3s or pouring over books and exercises.

I want to learn Spanish from the inside out in the same way that a child learns its language/s.
1.       To achieve this I intend to daily Turbo Charge Read an Open University Spanish dictionary
               that will also probably improve my English spelling and grammar understanding
               and the small amount of other written information that is available to me.
2.       I shall use a theta brain wave YouTube while listening to the numerous teaching CDs
  the tracks of which will be played at random while I am engaged with computer activities.
3.     a) I shall have Spanish CDs playing all day, freely downloaded from the library.
    This is because songs have limited language and those words are repeated.
b) Next level is to have one DVD I am familiar with in Spanish on repeat throughout the day.
c) E-book or spoken book if available, preferably of a story that is familiar to me.
d) As I don’t have a TV then a Spanish radio station would be the next level of learning.
       4.   Conversation

I shall now expand on these areas.
The following is an extract from the 5th and last Success Learning Level 
of my Turbo Charged Reading programme and covers the Specialist Turbo Charged Reading areas.
Turbo Charged Reading is a method of reading with your mind and not your eyes.
All the written information goes directly into your innermind
by passing your eyes and conscious mind with its gremlins.
This therefore suits my aim of learning the written language from the inside out,
as once that information is in your innermind it is part of your inner knowing and experience
that can pop into your conscious mind and out of your mouth spontaneously
or through deliberate access.

1 The advantages of TCR as the principal way of learning a language.
Languages: foreign, specialist or technical.

If English is your first language then repeatedly TCR your English/Foreign language dictionary
both the English/ Foreign and Foreign/English sections and also TCR your phrase books.
Then from you language of confidence access this stored information by: ‘guessing’ where you will find a particular word in the foreign language of your choice in the English section.
Therefore when a foreign word pops into your mind search for mesa and not table in the English section first as your memory link is the English word table from your area of confidence.
You have already found that if you TCR a dictionary and you wish to find a particular word that you can ‘see’ in your mind’s eye the position of this word on the dictionary’s page or its mirror position.
Once you have built up that confidence then you can look for the foreign word in the foreign/English section and check if you’ve ‘found’ the correct word and not one that has a similar spelling.
E.g. pero (but) and not perro (dog).
The Open University Collins Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary I’ve found is excellent as it uses:
 colour, underlines and symbols with highlighting for Latin/American and some other points.
It also gives that word in its different forms as a sentence. Etc. Therefore there is every printed aid.

I’ve read that one person spent so much time in this way that when in a restaurant
in his language country he ordered his meal fluently without realising he had not spoken English.

From Accountancy to Zoology there are dictionaries with their specialist language, if you have this language firmly in your innermind then its meaning will be triggered during your tuition
or conversation etc., so that you can concentrate on the conversation and not misunderstand
or fail to understand fully what has been said because you’ve stumbled over a word.

2 While using a theta brain wave YouTube.

Check out Suggestology. Apparently, a long time ago now, one or more states in the USA closed down all hypnotherapists overnight. I suspect they became suggestologists; but Wickapedia says that Suggestology is not to be mistaken for Hypnotherapy.
 I went to a suggestology school in Spain and he said that my Spanish was minus zero!  Cheeky!
The claims for every area of language were all in the 90%s and he claimed that I could reach
a business level of Spanish in 150 hours of very concentrated study over 15 days.
Business level is a very high level in any language and very often business students
will spend a year in Britain and work in e.g.  McDonalds to learn English ‘like wot it is spoke’.
My Chinese sister-in-law could not work in the Chinese chippy because the language was
too fast for her and yet I assumed that she understood whatever I said.
I have read that if someone listens to a lecture they may remember 20 % of that lecture
but if they listen while in the alpha learning state then they can retain 80%.
The alpha state is very easy to attain and you start flooding your mind with alpha waves whenever
you close your eyes. However, even though I’m a hypnotherapist of many years standing
I feel more secure using a Theta level Youtube while my Spanish tuitions CDs are playing elsewhere.
Access and then put ‘theta learning’ in the search area
and choose the one that appeals to you the most.
This is really Turbo Charged Reading for the ears as the spoken language goes straight
into your innermind and, yes, you probably would learn faster if you listened to the youtube plus CDs
without also working on the computer or attending to some other task.
Theta brain waves are slower than the alpha brain waves of the focussed learning state
of Turbo Charged Reading or the level of relaxation generally experienced with hypnotherapy.

3 Playing music throughout the day.

As a hypnotherapist  I ask my clients if its OK for me to play music that contains helpful subliminals
and this music is played so very, very  quietly that it simply perfumes the air.
Halfway during her second or third session one lady sat up in her chair and said most definitely,
‘turn that music off’ as it had obviously reach a threshold that was uncomfortable for her.
I switched the music off and she relaxed straight back into a focussed trance.
Even when played loudly it is impossible to hear a spoken voice with this music – but she heard!
When one is in the alpha learning state one is much more aware of everything.
This peripheral hearing, like the peripheral vision employed in Turbo Charged Reading,
is almost our sixth sense of awareness as its constantly scanning for danger. And that is why
it is so very useful for learning as it bypasses conscious awareness and goes directly into the innermind where it is catalogued and cross reference with all the other information that is in there.
Therefore playing vocal music, stories or films so that the sound is barely audible takes those words directly into your innermind just as a child learns language;  without any ‘I can’t dos’ or ‘this is difficult’.
This is learning from the inside out and with this confidence I expect to internalise the rolling rs
of Spanish, the correct vowel stress etc and hope that with that internal confidence my vocal chords 
will more easily be able to produce the natural sounds.

Years ago I was very familiar with people speaking Bangladeshi and Urdu and I happened 
to be watching a TV show which was in the native languages with sub-titles. I read the subtitles
and was amused to find myself reading the English subtitles until I realised that I understand English. Next came someone speaking an African language and the sounds were so discordant to me
that I couldn’t concentrate and I couldn’t even read the sub-titles. This indicates that I had become thoroughly comfortable with the Asian languages that I was surrounded with.

I shall download Spanish songs from the library, but I do hope that they are in Castilian
as I understand that there are four languages in Spain as there are four languages in Great Britain.
And as I don’t understand the languages of Ireland, Wales and Scotland
simarly at least one of the Spanish languages was not understandable to the staff of the nursery
I worked in when a child from that area started attending the nursery.
This was unusual as the staff and children were conversant in a great many languages. As I taught English they translated for me when I needed to communicate with a child for some reason.
When I play general music at an audible volume I really don't remember the songs,
I become familiar with them but I don't carry them with me.
When I play the music that carries the subliminal statements so very quietly that it is almost inaudible
then eventually I carry that music in my head even after it has been switched off for ages.
While 'hearing' the music in my head I am also tuning into the subliminals hidden in the music
and benefiting. I expect this  to happen with the Spanish music CDs as I will instruct my innermind to pay attention to, absorb, memorise and recall the Spanish words.

4 I shall speak with my two children who are conversant in Latino/American Spanish.

I’ll keep you posted on my success.

Introduction to Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
A practical overview of Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
How to choose a book. A Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
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4 Problems with Turbo Charged Reading.

The first is Procrastination.
The second is Confidence. YouTube
The third is Habit - The Devil you know. Article
The forth is Over expectation. Article

Don't Procrastinate
Watching - Ultra Strong Stop Procrastination Subliminal with Theta Brainwaves
Stop Procrastination with the help of Subliminal Re-Programming.
Simply being aware of your own tendency to procrastinate is typically not enough to prevent it.
All the distraction, delaying, excuse making, overwhelm and dread are part of
an automatic habit process deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind. 
The most effective way to break unconscious patterns is to bypass conscious resistance.
Hidden beneath the calming sound of ocean waves, powerful subliminal messages stop negative procrastination habits at their source. Through repeated daily listening your brain will be rewired
to think and act on what's most important.
You'll discover exhilarating flows of energy and motivation to get things done.

As a result of working with this downloadable MP3 and employing order-of-importance to my tasks
I’m successfully working through my daily to-do list that incorporates items of a personal nature, domestic tasks, self development as well as my business/study requirements.
In this way I am balancing work, rest and play
having removed my procrastination blocks at their source by using this MP3.

This Theta Brainwaves programme takes 20 minutes with the following affirmations:  
For me > No other clearing work was done in this area during this time.
Before listening I had no block: 1st time.   2nd time.   3rd time.    4th time.  5th time. 6th  time. 7th time.                                                                                                                                                          
No block before 1st  session: My life is important and meaningful.
No block before 1st  Now I'm making progress. 
No block before 1st  My path is opening. I am ready to begin.                                                             
No block before 1st  Sequencing is natural for me. My priorities are clear.
No block before 1st  One step at a time, everything gets done. 
No block before 1st  The best choices are obvious. All I need to know comes to me.
No block before 1st  I keep agreements. Integrity and honesty are important to me.
No block before 1st I act with clarity, focus and intention.
No block before 1st  I'm inspired. Momentum moves me.
No block before 1st  I move forward with passion, power and certainty.

No block before 1st  I'm vibrant, alive and filled with positive energy. 
No block before 1st  Great and powerful changes are happening right now.
No block before 2nd  All the waiting is over. I'm moving forward now.
No block before 2nd  The right use of my energy is crystal clear.
No block before 3rd  I know what is right for me. I know what to do next.
No block before 3rd  I get chores out of the way, quickly and easily.
No block before 4th I'm eager to get started, finishing things.
No block before 4th I clear away all clutter. I like clarity instead.
No block before 5th Now is better than later.
No block before 5th I'm productive. I follow through.
No block before 7th The more I get done, the better I feel. I love getting things done.

I listened to the MP3 on a daily bases using stereo headphones.
I organised my daily tasks according to How do you decide what is most important right now? Article
and order-of-importance article which is a different presentation as it only includes this skill.

This is an example of my first 3 days of being procrastination free
and employing an ordered course of work as my time management.
I am happy with my progress and potential.
PURPOSE: To complete the day’s prioritised tasks with efficiency 
                    and with a good present and future life balance
Time per task: 1 hours max, with 1/2hr stand up, with rest breaks.
I used a pendulum to decide on the importance of these activities.
I then used the pendulum to decide which of the equal numbers to achieve first.
It is emotionally beneficial to use pencil and rub out the achieved task thus clearing your day.
At the end of the day I add the following day’s tasks and instruct my mind to ‘sleep on them.’
The night before I list the things that I intend to achieve the following day for my work or study importantly including my rest periods and play; so I am not over-faced and experience burnout.
I then arrange them in order of time
which includes a balanced importance for my health and sustainable success. 
In order to do this I take the first in the list and ask does 1st or 2nd need to be completed first
and tick that one, does 1 or 3 need to be completed 1st, does 1 or 4 need to be completed first?
I then ask does 2 or 3 need to be completed 1st, is it 2 or 4? 
Before asking does 3 or 4 need completing first? 
I then display this list or put it under my pillow and as importantly as actually writing and creating this list is instructing your mind to work on the completion of this list during the night.
Some of these tasks are daily, some will take many sessions to complete; some only take a few minutes. What I find to be interesting is the fact that my pendulum creates a good mix of business, domestic and pleasure. If using this format you would simply delete the line once the task had been completed. And in doing so this chart would not look so complicated or time consuming.
Business  completed on Day 1
***************                   GREEN = DAY 1 
Domestic completed  Day 3
********** ********** **        PINK  =  DAY 2   
Personal  completed Day 2
*******                            ORANGE  =  Day 3  
Business Task completed 
*********** *
Personal Task completed
** *NOT worked on today  *
Business Task completed
Business Task completed
*********** ************** *
Zero score
Business Record
7 13 Needs to be done at night.    
**  0 0 score for today
Personal  Task completed
****** ************** ***********
Business – 
****** ***** ******** ongoing
Business check out 
********* ******** ongoing
Business Procrastination script       3 1 Scores for 3 days
An unexpected few hours of work to complete. However, my priority tasks had been completed.
Health/pleasure Walk                      8 16
This was 7th in order but the time of day and weather made it 3rd. Don’t be a slave to lists.
self development                            7 8 11
Did this out of sequence as I’m a little unwell. Look after your health.
Personal email             DAILY
Business email             DAILY
Social media
x ongoing
Business                      DAILY
13 18 16

Business DAY 2 added 2 day 1
**********day 2 ranking of  = 10
Business Task completed
Business Task completed
Personal xxxxxxxxx
******6 **** Day 3 ranking of = 4
Personal Mend  xxxxxxxxxxxxx
***3 ****4
Domestic Task completed
****4 **********10
Business xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
********8 ***3
Business xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
**********10 *******7

Business   Day 3 added day 2+1
Business  Update 
******6 ongoing
Domestic Clean fridge
Business  Video programme
Business  xxxxxxxxxxx
Business  Blog
***************15 ongoing

     Day 4, etc  to be added

Introduction to Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
A practical overview of Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
How to choose a book. A Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
Emotions when Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”