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4 Problems with Turbo Charged Reading.

The first is Procrastination.
The second is Confidence. YouTube
The third is Habit - The Devil you know. Article
The forth is Over expectation. Article

Don't Procrastinate
Watching - Ultra Strong Stop Procrastination Subliminal with Theta Brainwaves
Stop Procrastination with the help of Subliminal Re-Programming.
Simply being aware of your own tendency to procrastinate is typically not enough to prevent it.
All the distraction, delaying, excuse making, overwhelm and dread are part of
an automatic habit process deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind. 
The most effective way to break unconscious patterns is to bypass conscious resistance.
Hidden beneath the calming sound of ocean waves, powerful subliminal messages stop negative procrastination habits at their source. Through repeated daily listening your brain will be rewired
to think and act on what's most important.
You'll discover exhilarating flows of energy and motivation to get things done.

As a result of working with this downloadable MP3 and employing order-of-importance to my tasks
I’m successfully working through my daily to-do list that incorporates items of a personal nature, domestic tasks, self development as well as my business/study requirements.
In this way I am balancing work, rest and play
having removed my procrastination blocks at their source by using this MP3.

This Theta Brainwaves programme takes 20 minutes with the following affirmations:  
For me > No other clearing work was done in this area during this time.
Before listening I had no block: 1st time.   2nd time.   3rd time.    4th time.  5th time. 6th  time. 7th time.                                                                                                                                                          
No block before 1st  session: My life is important and meaningful.
No block before 1st  Now I'm making progress. 
No block before 1st  My path is opening. I am ready to begin.                                                             
No block before 1st  Sequencing is natural for me. My priorities are clear.
No block before 1st  One step at a time, everything gets done. 
No block before 1st  The best choices are obvious. All I need to know comes to me.
No block before 1st  I keep agreements. Integrity and honesty are important to me.
No block before 1st I act with clarity, focus and intention.
No block before 1st  I'm inspired. Momentum moves me.
No block before 1st  I move forward with passion, power and certainty.

No block before 1st  I'm vibrant, alive and filled with positive energy. 
No block before 1st  Great and powerful changes are happening right now.
No block before 2nd  All the waiting is over. I'm moving forward now.
No block before 2nd  The right use of my energy is crystal clear.
No block before 3rd  I know what is right for me. I know what to do next.
No block before 3rd  I get chores out of the way, quickly and easily.
No block before 4th I'm eager to get started, finishing things.
No block before 4th I clear away all clutter. I like clarity instead.
No block before 5th Now is better than later.
No block before 5th I'm productive. I follow through.
No block before 7th The more I get done, the better I feel. I love getting things done.

I listened to the MP3 on a daily bases using stereo headphones.
I organised my daily tasks according to How do you decide what is most important right now? Article
and order-of-importance article which is a different presentation as it only includes this skill.

This is an example of my first 3 days of being procrastination free
and employing an ordered course of work as my time management.
I am happy with my progress and potential.
PURPOSE: To complete the day’s prioritised tasks with efficiency 
                    and with a good present and future life balance
Time per task: 1 hours max, with 1/2hr stand up, with rest breaks.
I used a pendulum to decide on the importance of these activities.
I then used the pendulum to decide which of the equal numbers to achieve first.
It is emotionally beneficial to use pencil and rub out the achieved task thus clearing your day.
At the end of the day I add the following day’s tasks and instruct my mind to ‘sleep on them.’
The night before I list the things that I intend to achieve the following day for my work or study importantly including my rest periods and play; so I am not over-faced and experience burnout.
I then arrange them in order of time
which includes a balanced importance for my health and sustainable success. 
In order to do this I take the first in the list and ask does 1st or 2nd need to be completed first
and tick that one, does 1 or 3 need to be completed 1st, does 1 or 4 need to be completed first?
I then ask does 2 or 3 need to be completed 1st, is it 2 or 4? 
Before asking does 3 or 4 need completing first? 
I then display this list or put it under my pillow and as importantly as actually writing and creating this list is instructing your mind to work on the completion of this list during the night.
Some of these tasks are daily, some will take many sessions to complete; some only take a few minutes. What I find to be interesting is the fact that my pendulum creates a good mix of business, domestic and pleasure. If using this format you would simply delete the line once the task had been completed. And in doing so this chart would not look so complicated or time consuming.
Business  completed on Day 1
***************                   GREEN = DAY 1 
Domestic completed  Day 3
********** ********** **        PINK  =  DAY 2   
Personal  completed Day 2
*******                            ORANGE  =  Day 3  
Business Task completed 
*********** *
Personal Task completed
** *NOT worked on today  *
Business Task completed
Business Task completed
*********** ************** *
Zero score
Business Record
7 13 Needs to be done at night.    
**  0 0 score for today
Personal  Task completed
****** ************** ***********
Business – 
****** ***** ******** ongoing
Business check out 
********* ******** ongoing
Business Procrastination script       3 1 Scores for 3 days
An unexpected few hours of work to complete. However, my priority tasks had been completed.
Health/pleasure Walk                      8 16
This was 7th in order but the time of day and weather made it 3rd. Don’t be a slave to lists.
self development                            7 8 11
Did this out of sequence as I’m a little unwell. Look after your health.
Personal email             DAILY
Business email             DAILY
Social media
x ongoing
Business                      DAILY
13 18 16

Business DAY 2 added 2 day 1
**********day 2 ranking of  = 10
Business Task completed
Business Task completed
Personal xxxxxxxxx
******6 **** Day 3 ranking of = 4
Personal Mend  xxxxxxxxxxxxx
***3 ****4
Domestic Task completed
****4 **********10
Business xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
********8 ***3
Business xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
**********10 *******7

Business   Day 3 added day 2+1
Business  Update 
******6 ongoing
Domestic Clean fridge
Business  Video programme
Business  xxxxxxxxxxx
Business  Blog
***************15 ongoing

     Day 4, etc  to be added

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The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

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