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How to study your course books before the term starts.

I painted music into Aslan's mane as he sang Narnia into being. M'reen

The Chronicles of Narnia, my Christmas Books.
written by M'reen

I think the observations below fairy illustrate the value of TCR
repeatedly your school curriculum books.
That is TCR all the books a number of times even though you don’t understand
the language and concepts. That comprehension will come easily during the lessons.
TCR the chapter to be studied that lesson(b) and the one before(a) and the one after(c) as:
(b) Preparation for the lesson. The material for the lesson.
The teacher’s instructions will spontaneously trigger your understanding
of what you have read as ‘light-bulb’ moments.
(a) Review for the exams. The previous chapter.
Also you will understand, more deeply, the new concepts being presented
during the course as nothing is linear as it is build retrospectively on ‘old’ material.
(c) Preview of what is to be learned. The rest of or the following chapter.
When you are confident of where you have been and you can see where you are going
then it is easier to understand where you are right now.

I read these 7 book 25 years ago and I have seen bits of the original L, W & W film over time.
I decided to TCR these books for the pleasure of having the bones of the story in my mind.
However it developed from there into noticing my progress as a Turbo Charged Reader.

In The States if I casually wanted to research something,
due to the high percentage of home schoolers and an absolutely brilliant library system,
I could find my subject in the infant, junior, senior and then adult sections.
Therefore I was building my understanding, confidence, learning and memory
in incremental and sequential steps.

I approach TCR in the same way by following all the steps,
particularly as they are completed Turbo Fast
and have been proven to ensure success.
However in some other areas of life I just jump in and ‘have-a-go’.
I am usually satisfied with my experience and the results
while knowing that if I’d just spend the ‘pre’ time my results would be far superior
 – by someone else’s standards.
In doing this I am being time efficient in reaching the level that I desire at this time.
Time efficiency is a TCR practice,and it is achieved by following the steps of
refining your purpose at each step from choosing a book to read to finally closing the covers.

I completed the first TCR steps enabling me to pour 776 pages into my innermind Turbo Fast.
When TCR a novel the usual pattern is:
to pour all the written information into your innermind
wait ten minutes for your neurons to accommodate the new material
and then fast read the novel.
Fast Reading (for me) is to run my finger down the centre of the page,
spread my vision to take in the full line thus reading all the words on the line at once;
I do this while being in the focussed state of learning.
This means that my brain is flooded with alpha waves – the state of concentration or focus -
and my eyes are staying in the middle of the line
while I use my peripheral vision to scrutinise the rest of the line
– which in this case is the vision area of ‘memory’.

Therefore if I Fast Read a novel over a number of days
then I simply get my body, my left and right brain all working together
then I re-state my purpose for reading,
enter the focused state of learning with 3 breaths before activating my energy systems.
I am aware that my friend can knock off a book in half an hour and take Master Mind
questions some days later without TCR. He thinks that he doesn’t ‘see’ each word.

The first book memory recall has 7 lines of notes for 95 pages. The Magician’s nephew
The second book has 27 lines of notes for 86 pages. The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe
The third book has 26 lines of notes for 105 pages. The horse and his boy.
The forth book has 18 lines of notes for 17 of the 100 pages. Prince Caspian

The Magician’s Nephew.
I didn’t intend fast reading this 95 page book
but found that I was naturally reading faster so I guess I was in 3rd gear.
I have repeatedly proved that when reading this way I can remember the basic plot (my purpose)
however should I each word read a book my memory is like a rapidly fading dream.
Day 2 after reading this book I decided to wonder how much of this book I could remember
and was satisfied that I had fulfilled my purpose of remembering the plot
but I couldn’t remember the names and had skipped over some points.
Remember that only 4-11% of written material is relevant and that the rest is bumph or supporting material so it seems reasonable that a 300 page novel will have more padding than a 100 page story.
If you know a series of books well then your Mind Map at the end would consist of the name
of the series in the middle with the individual books as its 2nd circle with their chapter headings
forming a circle around each book title with the individual chapters then having the detail you wish.

My levels consisted of:
The name of the book. The skeleton of the plot and this satisfied my original purpose.
I then decide that I wanted the principal names and items/situations.
This meant organising the story in my memory before going back into the book and this time
I ran my finger very quickly down each right hand page making a note of the points I wanted.
I then ran down the left hand pages to find some points as I was not absolutely sure
of and was amused to find that yelLow = left hand and gReen = right hand and then, of course,
I noticed that the author has other links to words that enabled understanding of their role in the story.
Rather than drawing a mindmap
the 95 pages became 7 reference lines:
Strawberry > Fledge
Letty. Andrew (Brandy) Ketterly.
Jadis. Deplorable word. Charn. Lampost.
Gt Uncle Kirke. Diggory. Mother.
Polly. Yellow, green. Atlantis dust.
Nellie > Helen & Frank/cabby.
Silver apples . Wardrobe.
I would be interested to know if this elicits the full story for you
even though the formation of Narnia is not covered.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
At 86 pages this book was easier as there were solid facts to hang onto.
However, there were a lot more events to remember.
After TCR the book before, this book and the book following I slow read this book.
Even though there are a lot of notes by comparison with the first book,
my recall of  the points was better as I only had to check or re-find a small number of points.
But I had now TCR this material more than once.
4 evacuees.
Diggory Kirke in Gt Uncle’s house + wardrobe from apple tree in Ketterly garden.
(From the point of view of a year’s curriculum this indicates the value of knowing
what was in the previous chapter to the one you will have in class today.)
Mrs Macready. Group of visitors. Hide in wardrobe.
Faun – Mr Tumnus + Lucy = handkerchief.
Lucy + Edmund > White Witch + Turkish delight.
Peter. Shield (red lion) sword. P the Magnificent.
Susan. Bow and horn. S the Gentle.
Edmund. Turkish delight > stale bread (bad school influence) E the Just.
Lucy. Bottle and dagger. L the Valiant.
Christmas party turned to stone.
Wardrobe, Fur coats. Lamppost. Robin. Beavers. Stone table.
White Queen’s castle, Stone prisoners, wolf Maugrim (maw being mouth)
Animals alerted to war > save Edmund from being killed by Jadis.
White witch demands old magic law upheld. Aslan changes places with Edmund.
Susan and Lucy go with sad Aslan to stone table.
Aslan humiliated and killed by White Witch.
Wolf Maugrim attacks S. P kills it.
Jadis goes to war to kill the 4 to prevent their crowning at Cair Paravel
S & L remove muzzle, mice nibble through bonds.
Stone table cracks. Aslan romps with S & L.
He’s now stronger due to magic from before the dawn of time.
Aslan breathes life into the imprisoned statues.
They fall onto the back of Jadis’ army.
Edmund had cleverly broken her wand.
Aslan and Jadis fight.
Edmund near death, Lucy’s potion heals - but others need it too.
4 crowned at Cair Paravel

The horse and his boy.
 I TCR this book Again and the one either side.
On each word reading I thought that there would be very few notes – how wrong I was.
A first for me, I decided to retain the geography – because now I can remember such things.
I then decided to find out how much I remembered
I was surprised at the content of a story that just seemed to roll along.
Again I was pleased with my mind recall. I just missed a few names and additional details.
Golden age of P. S. E. L. on thrones of Cair Paravel (I continue to have problems with that name.)
Narnia / Archenland/ gorge with river/desert/ Calormen (citizens have darker skin than Narnians)
Shasta washed up (blown by Aslan) brought up by Arsheed.
Tarkaan wants to buy the fair boy.
Tarkaan’s horse Bree and Shasta run away north to Narinia.
(2) lions herd Shasta and Aravis on Hwin – a sensible horse.
Stepmother wanted Aravis married to old vizier.
Shasta mistaken for King Lune of Archenland’s son Corin by Edmund in capital, Tashban.
Shasta hears Lord Peridan, E & S’s plans formed by Mr Tumnus;
to hold a banquet on board but, in fact, to escape her suitor.
Prince Corin returns and Shasta leaves > goes to meeting place;
the tombs, protected by lion from Jackals, comforted by ‘cat’.
Aravis meets tarkheena friend > hears Prince Rabadash’s plans.
Aravis meets horses and Shasta at tombs.
Race across desert, through gorge, Lion stripes Aravis’ back (whip) + speeds horses.
Shasta runs to help Aravis from Lion but Bree (war horse) flees.
Hermit of Southern March tends Aravis, tells Bree he’s lost his self conceit/shame.
Shasta runs to King Lune. Put on a horse. Can’t use reigns, gets lost. 
Lion protects and speaks to him.
Narnian animals find Shasta’s warning, eventually a stag goes to fetch E + L
They meet at the Dwarf’s, Corin drags Shasta into battle.
Rabadash’s mail torn by giant. Torn mail hangs him on a hook.
Shasta> elder twin Cor returns for Aravis and horses. Bree embarrassed about appearance.
Rabadash arrogant, prefers to be killed by fighting.
Aslan turns him into a donkey – Rabadash the ridiculous.
He cannot travel more than 10 miles from his capital of Tashbann (god Tash)
or become an ass permanently. So peace.
My 1st level was to remember the story.
My 2nd level was to write the bones.
My 3rd level was to go back to the book and put a little flesh on the bones.
Subsequent levels would give greater and greater detail gained from the book.

Prince Caspian.
In my defence, 15 years ago I could remember whatever I read as I was spending 2 full days
and 3 half days with some weekends and 100 hours of practical work studying 5 subjects.
However, none of that is in my long term memory
and that was the principal reason I decided to learn how to Turbo Charge Read.
Now should I slow-each-word read a book without any of the TCR protocols
my memory and concentration is like a sieve.
Using the TCR system, even when I slow, each word, down each line read, my memory is excellent
as I've just proved 18 months later.

Again I TCR this book and the one either side.
For whatever reason I read this book slowly and so I was not in the focussed learning state.
By bedtime I could only remember the beginning and my mind kept wandering off.
In the morning, before rising, while my mind insisted on ‘dreaming’ in different directions I kept dragging it back and am satisfied that I have as much of the story as I want in the correct order.
Now it’s evening and I shall write up my memory of this book.
1 year after leaving Narnia.
4 at railway station for separate schools. L 1st time as a border
Feel magic, pulled away leaving behind what they were not touching.
Land in apple orchard amongst ruins of the great hall of Cair Paravel.
No, they land in dense woods and make their way down to the beach.
They need fresh water and go to find a stream and eat the 2 packs of sandwiches they had.
Eventually they find the orchard planted {I remembered this out of sequence}
{new material} by Pomona greatest of wood people, holes dug by moles
the day before ambassadors of Calormen visited.)
Begin to recognise the dais + well where S finds a gold chess piece.
The boys find the door behind dais, 16 steps down.
Coronation rings etc. Collect presents – all in good order.
S’s horn not there as lost when chasing the white stag and found the lamppost and wardrobe.
Sleep. Investigate, now an island not a peninsular.
S able to swim to mainland but not others.
2 soldiers come in boat, something living in a sack, intend to drown dwarf in sack in ceremonial way.
Dwarf got caught by taking a short cut. S shoots 1 on helmet – intentionally.
Guards afraid of ghosts (political myth), trees (dryads) and sea (Aslan) run away, leaving boat.
Dwarf fishes for their breakfast – carried in E’s hat.
Chronologically, the story of Prince Caspian is inserted here)
As dwarf doesn’t believe in the tales of old he’s shown treasures All kitted out for war.
To prove their capability, E beats Trumpkin, a red dwarf, with a fencing trick.
S outshoots dwarf who has a horrible injury L cures.
L + DLF too small to row round wooded shore. Enter mouth of river Glasswater?
Trying to find Lion Hoe? No. Aslan’s How Stone table under a mound.
Don’t recognise the country.
Sleep, apples for meals.
I had this memory out of sequence. Lucy couldn’t sleep, walked amongst the trees 
and unintentionally spoke out load requesting the Dryads and Hamadryads to waken.
(Greek mythological being that lives in trees. They are a particular type of dryad, which are a particular type of nymph. 
Hamadryads are born bonded to a certain tree. Some believe that hamadryads are the actual tree, while normal dryads 
are simply the entities, or spirits, of the trees. If the tree died, the hamadryad associated with it died as well. 
For that reason, dryads and the gods punished any mortals who harmed trees.)
Lucy’s moment of tree awareness was lost and she went back and slept.
DLF shoots a bear. S hesitated in case it’s a talking bear.
Carry bear meat in their pockets.
They are lost.
Out of sequence. Lucy sees the Lion – the others do not.
E supports Lucy’s claim. P agrees it’s a possibility.
Recognised where they were.
Meet guards – forgotten how/why – vanquish guards.
Surprised by an outpost of sentries, managed to escape
DLF cooks bear meat that surrounds the apples and so as the bear has eaten well it tastes good.

Ok it’s time to stop as the detail of my memory is impressive.
I shall continue for my own pleasure.

When you TCR a book, it is a good idea to put your notes, be they mind maps, bullet points or whatever suits you between the pages, tucked into the dust jacket or in a physical or electronic file.
In the preceding 25 years I’ve only ever mentioned the last few pages of the last book
a very small number of times. It is highly unlikely that I shall be engaged in a Narnia conversation
in the next 25 years – even if I’m not pushing up daisies by then.
Such notes mean that you can access your prompts and spontaneously retrieve
the bulk of the written material.
As with the best will in the world, if a memory is not taken out for a walk every now and then
it becomes weaker.
Furthermore I repeatedly read certain books every year or so as I enjoy them, but my memory
of even those books is not as secure as my memory of books I have Turbo Charged Read.

Should you have numerous books with mind maps that you only recall when actually looking at them; then that information is not in your secure memory.
So you need to TCR the material before creating your mind map and then testing your knowledge before you put the book back onto the shelf. Otherwise you've simply wasted a lot of your life.

Enjoy your Turbo Charged Reading. M’reen
Reading through this eight and eighteen months later has enabled me to fully enjoy those stories again with my internal pictures and feelings intact.

Turbo Charged Reading: Read fast>>>Remember all>>>Years later
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