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Taking a risk - sharing an important book. Self Care for the Self Aware.

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Allow me to take a risk, as I think taking a risk is the right thing for me to do.  M'reen      
As a counsellor we sometimes ‘take a risk’ if you consider that it is therapeutically valid.

When Turbo Charged Reading you adopt the four-cornered-gaze and this allows
your eyes to see all the print, diagrams, charts etc on both pages simultaneously.
People who do this often see parallel lines between the two pages but someone with a dominant eye or only one eye physically will not appreciate these lines with the gap between them.
This four-cornered-gaze allows all the print to bypass your eyes
and go directly into your innermind, thus bypassing your conscious mind with its gremlins.
You can think of this as subconsciously absorbing your surroundings.
For me this was evidenced when I went to live in Colorado. U.S.A. and found that the star map
had changed. For you it might be when driving you subconsciously take in amazing amounts of detail concerning your surroundings. Again while living in Colorado Springs and driving one day I ‘saw’
a black round appear at the top left of my windscreen then appear in the middle of what would
have been the passenger’s viewing plane. I instinctively slammed on the break as a deer 
magically appeared directly in-front of me leaving some of its hair in the front paintwork of my car.
I cried for ages and feel tearful now.

As a result of similar experiences I have not been concerned that I very rarely ‘see’ the parallel lines with the blank space between them. When I do see them, even though I know it is ridiculous,
I think, ‘Oh good, I’m doing it properly’. Silly, but I’m just an ordinary person.
I bought a book that was important to me and I made the unreasonable intent
of retaining every word which I changed to understanding the book as if I’d written it myself.
I repeated this far too global statement as I TCR the 90 pages BUT as the book was important to me instead of simply turning the pages as fast as I could I waited until I forced my gaze to ‘see’
the parallel lines. Silly, pointless – but hey – sue me.

Now my risk, for those of you who have a different opinion and experience.
The book was of a spiritual nature and my guides were around me 
and I eventually realised that I was seeing the print as if some of the lines or part of the lines 
were very faintly highlighted yellow.
I TCR a book backwards and upside down at this stage before TCR it right side up and front to back;
owever, this time I repeated that sequence, and yes, the highlighted lines were on almost every page.
Even when I was first practicing TCR and trying so hard to see the parallel lines
I was never aware of seeing the text faintly highlighted. The fact that not all the pages
were highlighted indicated that this was not an optical illusion or fatigue.

Then I moved to the second stage of TCR which is doing nothing  
while your new growing neurons work on the text downloaded, cataloguing it, cross referencing it
with the material already in your innermind (this is the stage of creativity and invention)
and bring forth the material you want at this level of use, memory and long term recall.

Now that I’ve written this during that ‘do-nothing’ time I shall go back to the book and fast read it.
This means that I shall run my finger down the middle of the page 
and ‘see’ the area including the whole lines and the words they/it contains.
I shall then go back into the book and work on it in the way I’ve planned for this particular book.
This fast-reading technique is only usually used for reading novels with other much faster techniques used to access the material from you innermind into your working conscious awareness when reading other material such as text books, manuals, journals, e-mails, newspapers, self help etc.
Even these techniques are often mixed and matched depending upon the person,
the material being accessed and the intended use of that material be it a print or electronic page.

Ah, a spot of lunch – care to join me?

I have had a happy afternoon using my Energetic NLP, Hypnotherapy and Emo Trance skills.

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

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