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Getting the Right Tutor for Your Child

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Getting the Right Tutor for Your Child
Suseelah Ayura

According to a recent Straits Times article, 7 in 10 parents in Singapore ensured that their children had extra lessons by either engaging a home tutor for their children or sending them
to tuition centres. Seventy percent of the 500 parents surveyed felt that extra tuition is necessary
to help their children to perform better in their daily schoolwork and improve their exam grades.

The 21st century is very competitive for students, particularly in Singapore,
where exemplary exam results and academic success are vital to a student's future.
Unfortunately, most of the teachers in our schools are often not able to give their students
the individual attention that they need to achieve their high levels of academic success
in their studies and exams.

Home Tutoring for the Struggling Student
Many students, often the underachievers and those with learning difficulties struggle in school
to cope with their daily homework and exam preparation. Often, it is not that they are not smart
nor that they are committed enough. Usually, it is because a student needs personalised guidance and training to perform better in his exams which are more challenging and demanding.

The key to enhancing a student's poor results in his exams is home tuition.
A home tutor will be able to adjust his teaching styles to suit the student's individual learning needs. The tutor can also focus and help by imparting him with vital skills and exam strategies
that will boost his self esteem and confidence to perform better in his studies and exams.

One of the most powerful tools and study strategies that a tutor can use is the internet.
With the whole world at the student's fingertips, there are always valuable study resources
and tools the student can easily access to improve his knowledge.
The internet offers a new perspective to students worldwide
and often brings about the epiphany that is the signal of true learning.

Home Tuition to Improve Examination Scores
A third of the 500 parents interviewed in the Straits Times study mentioned that their children scored higher grades and their academic results improved significantly prior to their engaging
a home tutor for their children. By engaging the right home tutor who is well qualified a
nd experienced, it is a success pathway for true academic achievement for a student.

General Tutor versus a Subject Specialist Tutor
A general tutor is usually able to help a student with their core subjects which are English, Maths, Science and Mother Tongue Language subjects. The tutor will teach and help the student
to study more effectively to perform better in his daily works and exams.
A subject specialist tutor will teach and train a student on a specific subject only.
For example, a student seeking to enter who wants to be a lawyer will need to ace his English
and General Paper. A subject specialist tutor can help a student to excel in the subject he is teaching by helping his student to focus more on exam strategies. He can also teach his student
how to apply the strategies successfully and effectively in his studies and exams.

Professional Tutors
In Singapore, where competitive testing is part of every student's daily challenges in his studies
and exams, there are thousands of people who can claim to be tutors. The most important thing
for parents or students to do is to engage tutors who are well trained, experienced and committed. Parents should always interview the tutor and check out his credentials,
experience and teaching philosophy before engaging the tutor.

Since home tuition is vital for the success of a student's performance in Singapore's
highly competitive academic world, parents should choose tutors wisely.

Engaging a home tutor is an investment that will pays dividends for a lifetime.

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Suseelah is the founder of SuperGeniusIQ Eduacational Consultancy, a home tuition agency
which focuses and specializes on bringing out the best in every child and individual.
She is also an experienced English Language teacher and special needs therapist
with more than 30 years of teaching experience. is the website of SuperGeniusiq. Parents and students can choose
a tutor or special needs therapist to improve their grades and study skills.
SuperGeniusIQ Home Tuition is constantly in touch with the changing educational system.
and aims to help students gain a competitive edge in our knowledge-based economy.
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