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My experience of memory and Turbo Charged Reading

My experience of memory and Turbo Charged Reading
Dangerous Days in the Roman Empire
By Terry Deary.
Written By M'reen

The Mind Map below of the first 6 pages would not be understandable to anyone 
who was not intimately familiar with the story in question. This is because Mind Maps are 
a personal shorthand designed to trigger a wealth of detailed material from the innermind.

I went through all the TCR steps and poured the whole book directly into my innermind
in a matter of minutes. Even though I had a clearly defined purpose for reading the book
and had given my innermind instructions as to what it was to do with the material
once it was in there - had I not taken the next steps then like un-watered seedling 
those newly forming neurons would have withered.
I have no earthly idea what the rest of the book is about but I can now write about those six pages without reference to the book as I took my reading memory to the next level and produced
this Mind Map. When composing the Mind Map after TCR the text I’d say that my recall
was around 95% of the content but with no memory of the names.
Was that the end? No!
I could be happy with that level of recall
or take it to the next level and use memory techniques to add the names.
This Mind Map would have been sufficient for me if it had been described thus:
Converted Christian. Vibia Perpetua and her slave Felictas and 2 others.
Roman Emperor Septimus Servius AD 203
                           thought of himself as god and required the burning of incense as proof.
Husband. Distanced himself by abandoning her and their child.
Father, wealthy North African begged her to renounce her Christianity.
Roman Governor. Hilarianus, may have had an arena seating 50,000
The crowd. Wanted them whipped – martyrs happy as Jesus was whipped.
Pagan goddess. Ceres. Vibia Perpetua fought so hard against being dressed as a pagan
                           that they gave up and like the Wicker Man she started singing a psalm.
The Christians said, “you may judge us, but God will judge you and this city.”
Roman Governor. Hilarianus, had them stripped naked
                             but the crowd were horrified so they were given tunics.
He let loose a mad cow which tossed Vibia Perpetua who, confused, pulled down her ripped tunic,
                       asked for a pin to tidy her hair and asked when they were going to be tossed.
After the second toss she was dying and was dragged to the killing corner (of the round arena)
where the gladiators cut the throats of victims to ensure their death.
The crowd. Had not had sufficient sport so insisted she be brought to the centre to be killed.
The gladiator bungled the job stabbing her in the neck.
Myth? Vibia Perpetua guided the knife to her own throat.

The level in black forms a general overview of the story, the points of a Mind Map.
The next level is to learn the names of the protagonists.
The next level is to absorb the barbarism of other cultures both ancient and modern.
The final level is to understand and retain the modern medical knowledge
of her progress in the arena to her death.This level finally covers the entire 6 pages.

Memory strategies:
1.       Vibia Perpetua. I divided this into syllables Vib/i/a Per/pet/u/a (each syllable has a vowel)
I repeated these with rhythm (aural learning) and by slapping my hand on my thigh (kinaesthetic learning) however this was not having much effect so I employed visual learning. Unfortunately this is going to have to be explained in the long promised article
on learning how to spell in any language or to learn formulae.
2.       Septimus Servius. Professor Servius Snape succeeds by division.
                                 A septum is a wall that divides e.g. one nostril from the other.
                                 The nose being needed to smell the incense.
Here is an example of ‘linking’ an unknown thought with a known thought
and the more amusing the link then the easier it is to remember particularly 
if it includes visual, kinaesthetic and aural (of the ear) references.
3.       Hilarianus. Need you ask?
4.       This leaves alliteration:
 Felictas; who probably did not offer felicitation for her fate.
 Or Ceres who probably couldn’t have cared less.
5. The mad cow has eyelashes to denote female, ferocious teeth, 2 horns for 2 tosses
and 4 blobs on her ear rings to remind me that there were 4 Christians.

As described in a previous blog when I mentioned this mind map, my mind started slotting in
the various points into their position on the paper, so for me position is an important point,
whereas for someone else it may be e.g. colour.
You may also notice that when describing this in list form 
people and events are described chronologically and in an importance order.
For example Vibia Perpetua is in the written title position not the Mind Map central position.
The Emperor comes at the important 1st left position where I’ve put her husband and then her father.
As pointed out elsewhere you will probably feel more comfortable with one presentation
and having satisfied that level of understanding and/or memory
might want to go onto the next level for which you might use a different format.
You might re-write the whole story in your own style or as a rap, a song, a poem or a play?
In any of these ways you make the material your own
and not the author who now becomes a source rather than the authority.
In deciding how many levels you want or need, you are taking control of your time
but having TCR the information and taking it to your desired level the rest is in your innermind
for future use and also you have catalogued that book cover for your personal Dewy system.

Turbo Charged Reading: Read fast>>>Remember all>>>Years later
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