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Take a book to bed with you. End of Success Level 1 YouTube

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Between Turbo Charged Reading all that information into your innermind,
if the material is longer than, say 10 pages or so, and it is not a novel
then it is better to have a twenty minute nap or to sleep on that information.
This is to allow your new and growing neurons to catalogue, cross reference that information 
with all the other books you have read plus your experiences and finally to sift out the information 
you have instructed your mind to find to satisfy your reasons for reading in that area.
For an email or newspaper article you won’t have the time to lie down, but the more information 
you pour into your innermind then the more time it takes for your neurons to process.
My youngest daughter once put her exam work under her pillow
so that the information could seep into her mind by osmosis.
I guess this is not a bad idea as she had in fact instructed her mind to work on and retain
that information in order to pass her exam the following day.
In fact 'they' have proved this mind instruction to be so.
In her case she would have had to acquire a working knowledge of the information
and she was ensuring its recall.
When I took my hypnotherapy exam there was a foot note that said, ‘remember you are a hypnotherapist’. After pondering a little while I hypnotheraped myself
and I dreamt that my diploma, edged in green, was emerging from a photocopier.
This was the first time I’d used Mind Maps, they were pinned to my room wall
and I went through them each night until I was memory perfect.
However, I never got on that well with Sigmund Freud but I had programmed my mind to answer
the easy questions first and for my mind to come up with the answer I needed in the meantime.
Sure enough Mr Freud was mentioned and I didn’t have the faintest idea of the answer.
By the time I came to answering that question my pen just flowed over the page
as the answer poured out of its tip.  M'reen

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
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