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What has Turbo Charged Reading and Seeing the Aura got in common?

What has Turbo Charged Reading and Seeing the Aura got in common?

Yet again this is an example of how every-day are the skills of TCR that are used by many people.

When TCR you take in all printed symbols of both pages of a book, the total screen of an electronic device or a full newspaper within a second of time.
You do this by encompassing all that area at once allowing the information to bypass
your each-word-reading eyes and conscious mind and pass directly through to your innermind.
This skill takes a little practice and for a few days your eye muscles will be tired
unless you only have one eye then your eye muscles will be fully used to the task.

Should you practice the Aura seeing directions then for the spot mentioned
substitute the central crease of a book or central spot of an electronic page.

In TCR we add a little help to the absorption of the material – but only a little.

How to See an Aura: Learn to See the Human Aura in 5 Minutes

My first experience of seeing an aura was at the start of my hypnotherapy diploma course
when a fellow student decided to teach us. She placed someone in front of the plain wall and told us to sort-of look but not look at the person’s face. I saw a light area to the right of the person’s head and shoulder but that lighter area was on the person’s shadow side.
I’ve had two people sitting in my room spontaneously fill the width of the wall to the ceiling
with a faint grey light. Once when walking into a hall where a guy was lecturing he was surrounded from feet to head in a bright silver outline. A spider appeared in a spotlight each time I looked back 
at it. However I’ve not seen an aura for years as it’s something I don’t practice but as Eric says 
I do spontaneously see the aura around my feet – when I’m sat on the toilet! I also, sometimes see the energy of inanimate objects. However, I don’t see colours but when pushed to describe 
the colours I can do so – I think it’s guess work but my guesses are confirmed.
I also ‘feel’ people on occasions and while I can’t bring these feelings into my conscious awareness
I can work with them intuitively.
Just for you, I stood in front of a mirror and stared but not stared at my hair line,
so I could see my general outline but not the details of my face. I could see a lighter area
to the shadow side of me but the other side was reflecting the sunshine from the window.

So, spend a little time playing and maybe you’ll see colours and share your experience.

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