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What Is Turbo Charged Reading and who will benefit from using this natural ability?

What Is Turbo Charged Reading 
and who will benefit from using this natural ability?
Written By M'reen

In short it is reading in the way your mind is designed to read.
Which is not the way you are probably reading now – that is each word reading.

The top of the tree example is: a PhD student poured 20,000 pages into his innermind in a week,
it took his innermind a further week to catalogue, collate and bring forth the specific information
he needed for his thesis' which he completed by week three !
It can take some people three weeks to read one book!

How much an hour do you charge for your services?
Therefore it costs you that much to each word read.
And how much of what you have read do you remember?
And how much of that do you retain for your long term use?

When Turbo Charged Reading
you fuel your body with oxygen,
you put your right and left brains into gear,
and you switch on a sat nav  that actually works – your mind
and you then get out of the way as you let your auto self drive take over.
Slow reading really is having someone walk in front of you with a red flag! 
At the end of this stage all the information read is in your innermind
and your brain starts producing new information pathways
and it needs some quiet time to do this.
This is like putting money in the bank that is gaining real interest.
You have already decided upon your withdrawal sequence when you banked the information
and now is the time to withdraw that information into your conscious awareness.
This can be done in a variety of ways that suits you best.
Should you wish to make further withdrawals then you submit another withdrawal slip
being as creative as someone avoiding paying their tax.

These simple, natural steps use your body, mind and energy systems
and if any of those words seem unrealistic when applied to reading please stay with me
as I carefully explain over the next few blogs how all this ties together and will work for you.

Expressed differently you prepare your body, mind and energy 
to let the printed word on paper or electronic devices 
bypass your eyes and conscious mind with its gremlins
and go straight into you innermind
where you can choose to trigger it deliberately or it maybe it will pop up spontaneously.
I was unaware that I had a star map in my innermind until I went to live in Colorado Springs. CO. USA
and spontaneously found that the star map was all wrong! When I went on holiday to Providecialis,
a British Protectorate in the West Indies, the stars had moved again.

As a beginning reader you had to go through a lot of processes in order to decipher 
the squiggles on the paper. Now that you have mastered that in your familiar languages and context
you no longer need to repeat those processes when TCR as you just use them.
Rather in the same way that you no longer need to double de-clutch to change a car’s gears
as modern technology enables you to simply employ the auto mode
and ‘get out of the way’ as the car selects the optimum gear.

Who will benefit from Turbo Charged Reading?

Anyone of any age who can read with comprehension.
For example I couldn’t slow or TCR read a book on Rugby as I don’t understand the positions
or plays. People who have recently learned how to TCR forget this and become disillusioned
when reading material out of their knowledge range. They forget that that familiarity will take
just a little more time to accommodate than material from their professional arena.
However, rather like my star then that information will be absorbed.
Back to Rugby, I could read in a sports area with which I’m familiar in my expected time frame,
but with the Rugby I’d just have to take a side step and TRC a ‘dictionary of Rugby terms’
before reading, what for me would be, a more advanced book.

People who are dyslexic.
This is a term that means so very many different things at different degrees of severity.
I am a little dyslexic, but not when it comes to reading. I just do things that are incomprehensible
even to myself; some of which have long impressive names according to the specialists.
A dyslexic person can speak, remember and do all that good stuff 
and TCR is so fast that the printed word doesn't have time to cause problems 
as it goes directly into the innermind to be processed.

People with a poor memory.
I am assured from others that people who have to have a letter from their Doctor
allowing them extra time in exams find that after TCR for a time period
that such an extension is no longer necessary.

People who are slow readers.
Such people often don’t finish reading a book as they get bored.
When TCR, the process is so fast that I TCR my first novel at seven times faster 
than when slow each-word reading and reading a novel is the slowest way to TCR.
Non-fiction books simply zip by and at the end of reading you have either a working knowledge
of the book or a very detailed knowledge depending entirely upon your pre-determined needs.
At first you can take around half an hour to read with a working knowledge level
a non-fiction book of 2-300 pages.

All the text in my 5 TCR success levels is also presented as MP3 audio recordings;
therefore people who have problems reading can easily gain this material
and also people can listen in addition to reading and so consolidate their background knowledge.
In addition I have produced some Gremlin Taming MP3s using my skills as a hypno/energy therapist
and these are available to those who wish to  take advantage of this facility
to deal with any saboteurs that try and get in the way of your success
in your personal and business life.

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

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