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Stanch Kid’s Summer Learning Loss


Stanch Kid’s Summer Learning Loss
Written by Trudy M. and Edited by Elle Yi 

Most children look forward to summer vacation because it is a break from school and learning. Unfortunately, children can also experience loss of learning
if they do not continue to practice academic skills away from school.
The U.S. Department of Education estimates that children will lose as much as 25 percent
of their academic learning during summer vacation.
Many children exercise their bodies during the summer,
but it is also important for them to exercise their brains.
There are many easy ways for children to exercise their brains during summer vacation.
By practicing academic skills in the summer, children can avoid summer learning loss
and be ahead of their peers when they return to school.
 Here are six summer activities to help create smarter children.
These activities are appropriate for children of all ages,
and most do not require any special equipment or technology.

Reading is the foundation of all other learning, so it is important for kids
to continue to practice even when school is not in session.
Encourage your children to read for pleasure during the summer months
by signing up for a summer reading program at your local library.

During summer vacation, have your children keep a journal of their activities
or write fictional stories. Writing is a good way to exercise their brains
while encouraging them to use their imagination.
Help your children boost their vocabulary by teaching them
how to use a thesaurus or dictionary to improve their writing.

Cooking and Baking
Summer is a great time to learn a new skill.
Children of all ages can help with cooking and baking in the summer.
Not only is cooking a practical life-skill,
but it is also a great way to practice basic math skills in a real-life context.

Sports and other physical activities strengthen the body and the brain.
In addition, healthy competition can teach self-confidence and teamwork.
There are many summer sports available for children of all ages
including swimming, dancing, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, gymnastics and martial arts.

Gardening is a wonderful summer activity to share with your children.
It helps them develop an appreciation for nature by teaching them
what it takes to make plants grow. Whether they prefer a flower garden or a vegetable garden,
this is a great way to get kids outside and enjoy the environment.

Board Games
In the summer, consider teaching your child how to play board games
that require strategic thinking, such as Chess.
Scrabble is a fantastic way for children to learn new vocabulary and practice spelling.
There are several versions of Scrabble to fit your family’s ages and needs.
Another educational game is Monopoly.
By playing, your kids can have fun and boost their math skills, as well.

Learning during the summer is easy with any of these activities.
All of these pastimes can help your child avoid summer learning loss
while having fun learning new skills or improving on the fundamentals
such as math and reading. Encourage your children to practice academics during the summer
so they can experience success when school is back in session.
Encourage your children to practice academics during the summer
so they can experience success when school is back in session.

About the author: Trudy M. works at The Growing Tree Academy located in Houston, TX.

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