Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How beer and coffee affect your brain. How writing affects your brain.


How beer and coffee affect your brain.

Let’s talk about two of my favorite beverages, beer and coffee.
They both can affect your body in good and bad ways.
I usually start my day with coffee and occasionally end it with a beer
but these beverages may be affecting you more than you think.
The infographic below creatively displays how each drink affects the brains
and even which parts of the brain. It may be obvious that beer can affect the brain
as most of the dumb things we have done have been after we had a beer or two.
The best thing I got from this infographic is that beer can help you come up with ideas.
So I think it’s time we tell our bosses that drinking beer at work helps with our creativity.
Do you think they will buy it? They have to it’s on an infographic, so it must be true!


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