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8 Simple Ways You Can Try Now To Train Your Brain To Stay Focused

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8 Simple Ways You Can Try Now To Train Your Brain To Stay Focused
Jo Gifford

Training your brain to stay focused and on task is key to optimal productivity. 
Here are 8 simple ways you can try now to train your brain to stay focused, on task,
and to create more time on your day to be awesome.

1. Plan tasks in advance
List your 3 most important tasks to deal with in a day the night before,
so you hit the ground running. Choose just 3 tasks to prioritise for a day,
and be clear on how much you can achieve in any time frame.

2. Get started without checking in
Get started on your first task without checking your email or social media channels.
The sense of achievement felt by getting one task completed will make your day feel more successful and productive. Also, your brain will not feel overwhelmed by information
before getting started, and the temptation to go off track is reduced.

3. Set a routine
Help your brain get used to being productive by creating a routine and working habits
that you stick to.

4. Work on one task at a time
Whilst the creative, entrepreneurial brain works in non-linear ways,
training your brain to work one just one task at a time is a great way to plough through tasks
and to tame the butterfly brain of a Type A personality.

5. Silence the extra noise
When working on a task, silence extra distractions from social media and email updates and alerts
to stay on task and focussed.
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6. Use the alpha waves
Using music specifically designed to emulate alpha waves of the brain 
is proven to enhance productivity and focus.

7. Split tasks into chunks
The Pomodoro technique is a famous time management task technique that uses timers
to set boundaries around tasks. Proven to enable efficient, focussed working 
there are many tools available to help time your work online.
See also: The Pomodoro Technique: Is It Right For You?

8. Build in exercise time
Exercise releases endorphins, raises serotonin levels, and also allows space for creative ideas
to form. Just half an hour a day will help your brain stay focused and productive.

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