Monday, 1 August 2016

Phrasal Verbs & Expressions with OVER: "take over", "overplayed", "over it"...

Hi. My name's Ronnie. I'm going to teach you some words. The inspiration came as a sign, literally.
I walked into the magical place of unicorns and magicians, where we record these videos,
and I saw a wizard holding a sign that said: "OVER", and I said: "Oo, cool sign. It says 'OVER'." Lesson, lesson, lesson, done. So, I'm going to teach you some expressions that we use with "over".

Now, the cool thing about "over" is if you look at this side of the board, all of these words
are going to have one thing in common, and it is, of course, the word "over".
So, in English when you're learning new vocabulary and you see the word "over" plus another word, it has a very, very important meaning.
And this one means "too much" or "too many". So, if you're learning new vocabulary,
if you're reading something and you are not sure what the word means,
you're going to know "over", "over" means too much or too many of something.
So, let's check out what these words mean.

First of all: "overreact". This means you take something too far. Let's say that, for example,
I drop my marker. Instead of picking it up and going: "I dropped my marker", 
I would freak out and go: "Oh my god! I dropped my marker! What am I going to do? Oh!"
This is overreacting or being overemotional. You tell the person: "Hey, calm down. Do not overreact. You're reacting or being too emotional." So, "overreact" means too many or too much action;
too many emotions are coming out. Chill down and relax.

"Overused". "Overused" means you use something too much. So maybe you overuse your cellphone, maybe you always use your cellphone, and one day your cellphone dies and goes "ppft", nope. You've overused something because you've used it too much.

This is my daily life. Every day I wake up, have a shower, smell good, and I listen to the radio.
Now, I like music a lot, but I have a big problem with the radio and the problem is
that they "overplay" or they have "overplayed" songs. This means they play one song every day. Guess what? There are millions upon millions of songs out there. I do not want to have to listen to the same song every day at the same time. Without fail, they will overplay a song. Usually what happens is you hear the song, you're like: "Enh, I don't mind it." You hear it again a couple times, you're like: "Oh, I quite like this song." And then the magic happens, they overplay it - "ppft", it's gone. 
You can't stand the song because it's overplayed. They play it all the time. You go shopping: 
"Oh, there's that song again." Every place you go, you hear that song. The song is overplayed.

This is what happens at work. Do you work too much? If you work too much, you say:
"I am overworked." It means I work too much.

Uh-oh, sometimes maybe once in a while if you are lucky, you would get to go on vacation-woo-hoo-so you have your airplane ticket, you're on your flight, you get to the hotel and they say: -
"Uh, we don't have a room for you." -"This is my reservation number, this is my name.
Why don't you have a room?" They will say: -"We're overbooked." -"Uh, you have too many books?" No. "Overbooked" means they have too many reservations and not enough rooms,
or they don't have enough space. Overbooked can happen in a restaurant, it can happen
with reservations, in a movie theatre, no, or... Not a movie theatre. If you book a play or something, they have not enough seats, too many people. Also an airplane, if you book a ticket, it's overbooked, there's too many people. Not enough seats, too many humans. Mm-hmm.

If you don't understand something, it's "over your head". Maybe you go to school
or maybe you're talking to someone, and what they're saying to you does not make sense,
 you can say: "It's over my head." You don't understand. No comprende. Don't understand.

Next: "overdrawn". Uh-oh. This is really, really, really bad because it has to do with money.
If your bank account is overdrawn, it means you've taken out too much money that you don't have. 
If this happens to you, the bank will also charge you fees. They're called "overdrawn fees" maybe. This is a bad situation.
Something else you can be is "overloaded". You can be overloaded with work,
or you can be overloaded with projects. Never overloaded with money. That's a problem.

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