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Picture books – pictures without words and Turbo Charged Reading?

My 3rd birthday / Christmas present. M'reen

Picture books – pictures without words and Turbo Charged Reading? M’reen

First let me explain that teaching children to read is not my subject area though I did volunteer
to help bring young readers up to their age level when I lived in Colorado Springs USA.
I probably didn’t ‘read’ picture books with my three children or take full advantage of them
in my Nursery School for which I created the curriculum.
But we can all learn and pass on that learning skill.

Picture books – words without pictures and Turbo Charged Reading?
It’s just another example of how TCR is a natural process
and that you already have the skills you need to be successful.

As pointed out elsewhere, comprehension and confidence and bypassing your conscious mind
are the key components to TCR, learning, memory and long term recall.
~ Bypassing your conscious mind simply involves some physical and energy skills
being used in conjunction with skills you already use but of which you may not be aware.
~ Confidence involves an effortless step by step programme that takes into account
as many different reading needs as is possible
with the added benefit of working with the gremlins between your ears.
~ Comprehension is a necessary skill and like spelling and writing is a different skill to reading.
My granddaughter was in her last year of Junior School before they decided that she
had a comprehension problem. However her spelling list did include words I’ve never uttered
in my life and so had difficulty in putting into a sentence that was understandable to her.
And since she would probably never meet those words again in decades, if ever,
they could not possibly be remembered.
By the way have you checked that your child can put those spelling list words into a sentence?
When in Spain, where a lot of children speak 2-4 languages I was checking the reading homework
of a child of around 9 years old who was reading in English and could speak English easily.
For whatever reason I decided to check her comprehension and drew a blank
also when looking through her homework book no one had bothered to check
if she actually understood what she was reading!

Picture books are the first step in reading words.
When reading in English you (usually) get used to ‘reading’ from the front page to the back page
and from left to right along the line while going down each line on the page as you read.
In TCR you can TCR read in this way; however with my first 'Charge' through a book
I prefer to turn the pages from the last page to the first with the book upside down
before Charging through it in the traditional front to back format. For me this has the advantage that interesting words and phrases don’t pop up into my conscious awareness.
Also you allow both pages to simultaneously bypass your eyes and conscious awareness
and go straight into your innermind to be processed by your newly growing neurons
to satisfy your reason for reading this printed or electronic material.
With picture books you can pre-’read’ the story by describing in your own words the tale the pictures
are describing and in this way you are introducing words and language patterns, sequence, emotions, the weather  and expectations etc. before you start with the written word.  
First you are 'reading’ the picture yourself as the expert (author)
before extending the child concious awareness of the story the pictures might be telling.
Then when the child reads the printed words he/she has an inner knowledge of the story 
and so can read with far more confidence.
Turbo Charged Reading is exactly the same.
You choose a book following a sequence that helps to ensure that you don’t waste your time
by reading only what is relevant from newspaper articles, soft-wear manuals
or books from a few pages long to the size of a small library.
After which you read the ‘pictures’ and this means you ordinary read the front and back covers,
the inside flaps, the table of contents and glance through the pages before making the decision:
do you want to bin this material, put it in your resource pile, only read certain sections
or read the full text now or in planned sessions?
You now have a level of knowledge of the book and this is your first level of understanding
which becomes your first level of memory and so long tern recall.
You have developed a relationship with the text claiming it for your own as you choose to read
what is appropriate to you and in the order that is most beneficial for your purpose of reading.

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

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