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Cancer: 3rd commentary on the risks of sitting for a long time!

I have this picture of the chairs my dad carved on my monitor to remind me
to set my countdown timer for half an hour 
when I stand and touch my elbow to my alternate knee 5-10 times
before sitting correctly in my chair. M'reen

1st  Success Level 2: Alexander technique.
2nd Success level 4 : At the bottom of this article.
3rd The Cancer Risks Of Long Term Sitting

Dear Reader,

Here's something that will get you up, on your feet and out of that chair.
Every two hours a person spends sitting ups the risk for some very dangerous types of cancer
by as much as 10% when compared to those people who sit very little according to research published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
The cancers affected by sitting include those of the colon, endometrial and lung.
Sitting for long time periods has been linked to other health issues to be sure...
obesity, metabolic syndrome, heart disease and diabetes.
Even an earlier death.

The most recent work in this area was a meta-analysis using 43 studies
that included almost 4 million subjects and involved 70,000 cases of cancer.
All the research used had periodically asked participants on how much time they spent sitting watching TV at home, at their desk at work as well as total time spent seated.

The team saw that each 2 hour increase in time spent sitting was linked to an increased risk
of cancer - 10% higher risk for endometrial (uterine) cancer, 8% higher risk for colon cancer
and a 6% higher risk for cancer of the lung.
If there is any good news to come from the analysis, it's that cancers of the breast, rectum, ovary, prostate, stomach, oesophagus, testicle, kidney and non-Hodgkin lymphoma were not tied to sitting.

Surprisingly, the findings on sitting and cancer risk held true even for those who exercise regularly. Regular workouts, it turns out, do not help you if you sit too long in a chair. 
It seems clear there's something bad about sitting that's not related to lack of exercise.

One of the reasons may be because long term sitting causes blood sugar and levels of insulin 
to spike. That spike is related to both diabetes and colon cancer.

Experts know that endometrial cancer is related to oestrogen,
a hormone that rises in response to obesity in women who have gone through menopause.

There may be something else going on as well.
If you keep body weight constant, there's still a link between cancer and spending time in a chair. One reason may be that the lack of movement triggers an inflammatory response that includes
a rise in biomarkers C-reactive protein (CRP) and interleukin-6 (IL-6).
In trials, 14 days of bed rest in young subjects upped C-reactive protein and pro-inflammatory interleukin-6 in the participants. Animal studies have demonstrated the same thing.

These findings add to the mounting evidence that sitting for long periods... at your desk, in the car, on your own couch (or recliner) just isn't a good thing for your body. You need to try to work 
light bouts of physical activity into your routine. Take regular breaks at work, forgo email and get up
and walk over to talk face to face with a colleague and avoid eating lunch at your desk.
At home try to cut down on the TV watching and screen time, getting up and moving
with some light activity every so often is also a smart strategy to keep yourself healthy
and perhaps cancer free.

To your good health,

Kirsten Whittaker
Daily Health Bulletin Editor

Taken from Success Level 4 of the Turbo Charged Reading tuition pack
that arrives in your dropbox or even as a CD.
Standing up.     Success Level 4 of the TCR programe. 
One of the reasons people are recommended to stand up from their desk particularly when typing, reading or any other concentrated focussed work is to rest your eyes and they only take a few seconds to be refreshed. To move oxygenates your spine and brain and relaxes your muscles
from a static posture. In fact one author blamed his heart attack on the fact that his chair
with its wheels negated the need for him to rise during his working day.
It took me 33 seconds to do the following. Having sat in my chair correctly I touched the outside
of my left foot with my right hand while putting my left hand on my right thigh.
For those with a poor memory this is a highly recommended exercise.
I then balanced my top and bottom brains – and you remember how to do this.
I then did one of Joff’s finger exercises all for a count of 5 and then dabbed on my 30 minute timer.
However, as I like to get the most in for my time and effort I included drawing in my little bits
and lower abdomen as if my life depended on it – and suffered discomfort during the night.
Using my dowsing skills and observation of my physical movements I found that when sitting down
I was not stopping when my shoulders were above my hips but pulling my spine down and back
into the chair back :(
Click on the Alexander Technique link above to find out how to sit when reading and writing.
There is actual evidence that if you will stand and so rest your eyes and then oxygenate your spine and brain that your productivity and its quality will not only be maintained but increase 
due to lack of fatigue. Half an hour is the optimum time period. If I get up in the middle of the half hour period then I just re-set for a new half hour; you will decide what is best for your working environment.

Thank you to all who read my blogs, your comments and questions are welcome.
If this is your first TCR blog you may be surprised to learn that in order to Turbo Charge Read effectively you actively involve your body, brain, mind, eyes and energy systems.

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