Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Yale Centre for Dyslexia and Creativity.

 The various vetches have been mentioned in the Bible, used for medication,
eaten or simply look pretty
but they each fulfil their own function naturally.
I tend to share the same opinions as the commentators regarding this video.
I am somewhat dyslexic, but I can read to the extent of creating the Turbo Charged Reading
programme and I really don't want someone medicating my brain into their version of normality.
1.45 into the video and I totally disagree with the lady.

Wow very interesting wish the dude would of let her talk jezzz

I am dyslexic and I can read extremely fast if i want, but i skim..
I read slow because I read complicated shit. I have a much higher reading level than average,
this bitch is full of shit and shouldn't talk about something she does not have and clearly does not understand. HACK. Dyslexics need to band together and create our own version of the ADL.

brent saulic 
Dyslexia is not a disability, its visual and 3 dimensional way of organizing information in the mind. There is no paradox, for most kids organizing letter symbols into meaning is very arbitrary.
A tree is not a combination of finite letters, but a preponderance of nearly infinite details
and associations. Don't medicate, customize Learning.
Once I read enough and became familiar with all the nuanced patters
I could read faster and comprehend in greater efficacy than most people.

Mimi NVA  in reply to brent saulic
I agree about the meds and quite frankly I'm shocked to see her advocating this.
Reading her book (me reading ;-) is probably what saved my 7 year old son.
I disagree about it not being a disability
and I thank God for the parents before me who had it classified as such.

Wow a book for people with dyslexia. I hope there is a lot of pictures in it.

peter smith  in reply to 007djjoshua
What a wanker!

April Kilroy 
That is fine if you can read...some cant like my son.

Raymond Nolan Scott  in reply to FORWARDPDX BASS
how well do you remember what you read also....did you get special education therapies to help you read better I had auditory therapy, speech therapy, and phonics training to correct my dyslexic weaknesses. I have dyspraxia and ADHD. I had motor skills therapy to correct my dyspraxia.
there is a lot of overlap and co-existence between dyslexia, dyspraxia, adhd,
and other neurodivergent conditions.

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