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Turbo Charged Reading Mind Trees.

Turbo Charged Reading Mind Trees. Written By M'reen

I thought that it might be useful to explain why I use trees as Mind Maps.

My first photograph was of a tree’s shadow and this had a number of subliminal messages.
1.       Unknown to you it is a Newmarket tree that is used to train the highly sensitive flat racing horses to get used to the unexpected and not spook.
It is equally important for you to become very familiar and comfortable with Turbo Charged Reading in order for TCR to be your natural choice for reading different materials.
2.       How many times have you considered the shadow to be the tree? 
      It is simply another way of relating with a tree and is just as valid an experience. 
      TCR at first is simply a different way to viewing your reading habits.
3.       While FUN is not listed, the more fun you have with TCR the more you will gain. Have you stood in the trunk shadow and wiggled your arms and hands out from the shadow?
TCR everything in your subject area can lead to new insights, a new recipe; a new concept.

The following three Mind Trees grow from the same soil, and have the same nutrients but each
has a different purpose to serve in the functioning of the wood that may become a forest.
However your  forest will not take decades or centuries to mature as the whole process described here will take you ten minutes at first. The point is to do it as naturally as you tie your shoe laces.

The first one has a trunk sat in soil named Physical Set Up
This trunk has three main branches.
This, as illustrated, sets up your book, area and mind.
You can read and understand this in seconds but unless you practice the sequence it loses its value.

The second sits in the soils of Energy .
Now this is a curious tree as it takes advantage of the energy systems of the ancients
that is supported by the most modern quantum physics.
You already use these systems quite naturally and will be taught to use them consciously
to your benefit not only when TCR but also in your daily life.

The top most tree and the bottom one here looks quite complicated but:
It is rather like the flurry of activity when a chef produces something magnificent from the collection 
of ingredients arranged in the pretty glass dishes purposely placed on his working area.

Nurturing Neurons.
After you have spent ten minutes or less to get to this stage when reading a 2-300 page fiction
or non-fiction book; you do absolutely nothing while you mind produces new neurons
to accommodate this fresh information.
You nurture these growing neurons by giving them a purpose otherwise they would just wither away.
You then turn the page in your TCR progression by strengthening these neurons into fully fledged memories and you decide if you want active memories that will give you:
1 an overview of the material TCR
2 specific information
3 or you want everything that material has to offer.
Whichever of these options you choose is appropriate to your need and time available,
and because you have:
a)      TCR the material
b)      ‘Set’ the material in your ininermind by giving it an initial purpose
c)       Have created specific memories
Then the material that you have not accesses at this time is, in fact, securely linked to that which
you have actively established and therefore  is available to spontaneously arise into your awareness should the occasion arise or to be deliberately brought into your recall when required.

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

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