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Purpose for choosing a book to turning pages

        Your purpose for choosing a book. Written By M'reen
      Choosing an appropriate book is a lot simpler than choosing a dress.
      Broken spines are a thing of the past for book lovers.
      How to turn pages efficiently.
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Your purpose for choosing a book.

Your broad purpose may be to ‘help save the bee population’ and this causes you to choose a book about bees. The purpose for a particular book may be practical and achievable such as ‘to understand the behaviour of bees’. Subsequent books, or within this book, you may find other relevant purposes. Therefore one book may have different purposes as you may want increasing levels of usable knowledge from the book ranging from a general over view to detailed knowledge and these different levels require another ‘charge through the book’ at the access (into your conscious mind) stage of Turbo Charged Reading. These levels of knowledge (how much you want from this material) depend on whether your interest is that of a curious observer to that of a global expert on bees.

Choosing an appropriate book is a lot simpler than choosing a dress.

When choosing a dress you need to follow a number of rules of colour and shape that apply specifically to you – until you dye your hair something really spectacular. 
Like a lot of things in life you start with the big picture and slowly work your way towards the specific.
When you combine the specifics you become like a ballerina performing with style and fluid ease.
I want to make a million pounds and someone else has already nabbed the idea of selling 1 pixel for $1 and I haven’t dreamed up a Harry Potter or realised that a dirty unmade bed is worth a fortune. Gosh, am I challenged or what?!? Business, now that’s the way to go.
What am I good at? Do I sell a lot for a little or a little for a lot? And how? Etc.
Off to the internet or book shop I go as opposed to some other option – my first active choice.
But why? What is my purpose in making this particular choice?
If I don’t know my purpose then I don’t know what’s my next best step; I’m playing lucky dip.  
I arrive at the Business section and find The Attila the Hun approach to business (a good book and that is all I remember!), NLP (concerning everything known to man), How to Interview Skills etc and even more etc. Baffled I go to the section I feel most comfortable with; as the next step in anything 
in life is based on confidence in where you are now. Therefore I’ll start with general business skills
as opposed to specific skills and thus my selection has narrowed as I’ve actively taken the next step, however it would be far more useful if I brought that intuition into my conscious awareness.
Looking at, say, 10 books and realising that (at this time) I may only read one I intuitively choose 
a book. Of all your innate skills your intuition is the one to trust and Turbo Charged Reading 
will actually help in this area – but not now – as there are more pressing concerns.
Taking the book Business and the Beautiful Game; 
I know that at least I’ll understand the terminology and that is a good first step.
I read the front cover – it says what’s in the can. The back cover; Oh my goodness,
it’s endorsed by some heavy hitters I recognise and it promises to be at the level I need.
Next I look at the Table of Contents and find they are written in language that is accessible 
to my understanding and covers areas that I really think will be of value to me. 
(I couldn’t help but sneak a peep at the authors and found that these are people I want to converse with– not a curious phrase to an Turbo Charged Reader)
Finally I flick through to see how the book is laid out and find that it has understandable chapter headings with lots of bold sub headings within the chapters, and an end of chapter summary described as ‘Tactics’.
I’m buying.
Oh and it’s not that expensive and at 143 pages it’s an easy slow read, maybe, sometime, eventually.
However after a half hour investment of time an experienced Turbo Charged Reader could 
probably quote the book chapter and verse.

Broken spines are a thing of the past for book lovers.

From the state of my books you can see I really wish that I knew this little trick years ago.
Whenever you find a book that doesn’t lie flat when open then you ‘prepare the spine’
for a lifetime of reading enjoyment; it also makes turning pages when Turbo Charged Reading easier.
Simply open your book in the middle and bend the pages right back then bend the quarters right back before you take every 10-20 pages and rub your finger or thumb tips up and down the crease until the book lies flat on the table.

 How to turn pages efficiently.

This is easier if the book wants its pages to be turned and that is one of the reasons for preparing
the spine.  However, I have to admit that some pages turn more easily than others so don’t feel frustrated or that you are not as proficient as others.
The reason for using a book rest is twofold; at first it makes the pages easier to turn and secondly
if you are reading a great many books in a day then with your elbows on the table it helps to prevent muscle stress in your neck and shoulders.
To turn pages: Being predominantly right handed, I slide my index or middle finger from the bottom 
of the central crease to the top right hand corner. My middle finger is followed by my thumb which hold down the page as the first crease of my middle finger catches over the top of the page and pulls 
it forward sliding the pad of my finger under the page to draw it forwards. 
My left hand fingers keep the pages open. It doesn’t matter if you turn over a couple of pages
in a clump but at first you will probably find that impossible to do no matter how much you believe
it isn’t necessary to view each page in order.    

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