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Mind Instructions.

Mind InstructionsWritten By M'reen

Once you’ve become familiar with the following procedures then in exactly the same way as you get into your car and drive away or do any other daily activities without thinking of their individual steps then you’ll follow all these detailed steps as easily as you currently slowly each word read a book or email.
Previously we’ve seen how to: (1st leaf)  Choose your Area of Reading and how to (2nd leaf) Choose an Appropriate Book followed by how to(3rd leaf) Prepare the Spine of the Book (and 4th leaf) How to Turn its Pages on the first branch of the first Mind Tree.
Written like that it sounds such an imposing set of instructions; but having experienced this you realise that it’s just natural common sense approach and that we very rarely write out the obvious.
However it is in the practice of the detail that separates the professional from the gifted amateur.
This brings us almost to the end of the first of the three branches of the Set Up Mind Tree
with the other two branches being Prepare your physical area and Prepare your body.

We are now looking at the 5th to 7th leaves on the Books branch of your Mind tree
and really these will take less than two minutes of your time.
These leaves are: (5th leaf) Write your purpose, create your (6th leaf) Mind Instructions
and your (7th leaf) Closing Mind Order
I discussed the essential value of Purpose in all areas of life in the course.
With these reasons is in mind you write down your purpose for reading this material
After this you give your mind instructions as to what it is to do while you are taking the written word directly from the page or electronic devise into your innermind by bypassing your eyes
and conscious awareness when turning the pages of your book as previously described.
You then give your innermind its Closing Orders so that it knows what to do with
this new material in order to satisfy your stated purpose.

As you are at the learning stage of Turbo Charged Reading your first level purpose is to:
Purpose: Learn the different stages of TCR
                 and to name and order the ten Royal Houses of England and the UK
                 with Oliver Cromwell and Lady Jane Grey.
Do you actually believe that you can do this?
If not then this point needs working on in ways that are suitable to you
and this is the principal advantage of Turbo Charged Reading
as without your acceptable life belief then you are just reading quickly and learning slowly if at all.
When you have established this initial purpose you say it out loud
as this forms a firm contact with yourself

Mind Instructions when turning your pages or accessing the next screen.
You are probably aware that your mind can deal with 7 +/- 2 bits of information simultaneously
so even though you are in the focussed learning state when you are turning the pages of your book
your mind can and will think of quite disparate things.
The purpose written above is almost an essay in itself and when you are turning the pages of your book it is helpful to keep your mind on target as to its purpose and also it helps to keep the rest
of your magnificent multitasking mind from wandering too far.
When turning the pages I repeat a shortened version of my purpose.
Repeating it out loud as opposed to silently engages more of my mind.
Therefore I’d give my mind the repeated instructions of: Re-mem-ber 10 + 2. UK rules
If you can generate a rhythm it is helpful when turning the pages as this really isn’t a race.

After Turbo Charged Reading the material by completing all the preparations steps
and actively turning the pages so allowing all that information directly into your innermind.
The next stage in is to skim through the material or pre-chosen section of your book
to find specific targeted questions for your innermind to find the answers that satisfy
your stated purpose at this stage.
Note; I am not expecting to remember 40 rulers, Oliver Cromwell and Lady Jane Grey in order
or their dates or any other information at this stage / level of my journey through this information.

Prior to becoming a Turbo Charged Reader learning such a list would be excessively difficult
in fact I can’t remember ever having done so as I used to vie with Maxine to be bottom
with our weekly Latin spelling list though I shall, eventually, share ways of learning how to spell.
You innermind is naturally programmed to find answers from our earliest days as man.
As there are ten Royal Houses I think I’ll instruct my innermind to remember the code:
Naply and Tshsw and which Houses those letters represent.
My gosh, even though I’m a Brit I’ve never heard the name of some of those houses before
and those codes break the whole thing down to a ‘doable’ memory,
an enjoyable task as opposed to a frightening none possibility.

Now I get out of the way and give my developing neurons time
to form the necessary pathways to my successful recall and memory of this first layer of facts.
After which I may go in for a second layer of information until I have the level of detail I want
from this material from repeating the list as my party piece to Master Mind level of detail.

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

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