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The last page first.

Are these ornaments or part of your internal memory? M'reen

The last page first. An upside down blog!
Written By M'reen

Why are these bonuses that deal with any problems you may experience offered?
Problems such as: Confidence, Procrastination, Habit, Over Expectation, Stress.

Purely because I want you to succeed as a TCR.
I don’t want you to buy a package and leave it unopened.
I don’t want you to invest a small number of hours learning how to TCR
and then leave it as a good idea and revert to your slow reading habit zone.
I do want TCR to be your natural choice of reading except for those times
when slow reading is the more enjoyable choice for some reason.
The TCR is not the problem; learning to become a TCR is not a problem
the problem is habit, your comfort zone.
Even though you logically know that to TCR is the most efficient way of progress for you,
very often we find the Devil-we-know to be the easier option
and while we are taking that option we are quietly berating ourselves for doing so.

This last bonus MP3(+) is of incalculable value for a couple of reasons.
Firstly some people become dependent on CDs or MP3s in order
to enter the focussed learning state. This MP3(+) is specifically designed to give you
the confidence and experience of entering the focussed learning state all by yourself.
Secondly it is only five minutes in length and it is a skill you carry around with you
for whenever you have five minutes to yourself. I used this daily for around 3 months
just dumping unspecified stress until one day there was nothing left!
No no-one is stress free, that just doesn’t happen, so I started working on people
and events that popped into my mind and found that on my second to forth session that
there was nothing left. What I didn’t realise was as I was working on one person that I was also shaving off some stress surrounding another person.
The result was that the prickles on my personality fell off and one person told me that she understood exactly what I was trying to express. You won’t feel a eureka moment as this is
very gentle, just like your hair growing, even if you haven’t got any hairJ

Why is page two being presented with the last points first?
Because when I TCR a book the first time I TCR it upside down and back to front
so that interesting words don’t leap out at me and attract my attention
– they are to do that in the final stages of TCR.

MP3(+)  A focussed learning state period covering the Written 1 section
as TCR via the ears as opposed to the eyes. (16 mins)
This is basically a direct copy of the written material and like TCR will allow the material
to go directly into your innermind. However if you just leave it there it will form
part of your general awareness which is not the current point.
So as soon as possible access that information by making notes of what you remember
and surprise yourself as to what you do recall and the increase in recall each time
you use this MP3(+)

MP3(+)  A very valuable focussed learning state period dealing with Stress,
Gremlins, Confidence and TCR. (26 mins. Keep and use lots)
This powerful session is often a person’s first experience with working in the trance state;
that is a state of relaxed conscious awareness, where the person agrees just to sit,
close their eyes and see what may happen for them.
Therefore people of certain religious beliefs or people who are epileptic will choose 
to not use these MP3(+)s. This will not affect their ability to TCR but they might find that the gremlins between their ears prevent them from actively employing TCR in their daily
professional and personal lives.
This bonus session with an extra bit in the middle is often all a client needs to resolve the issue that brought them to me in the first place.

MP3 (Notes) Preparation this time only (7 mins)
This MP3 is only offered once and gives answers to a few very basic but important questions.
You will notice that my lines are not smartly justified nor do my words fill the available space.
This is because; shorter lines are easier to read and keeping one thought on one line is easier to read.

MP3(Notes)  Written 1 for when you are driving (11 mins)
This generally will be a copy of the written material, but as a direct copy is not necessary
it may extend or re-word here and there.
Please listen to this at least once but as it is only 11 minutes long and your journey is likely
to be longer then please listen to it multiple times as this is to your learning,
experience and confidence benefit.

Written piece 1
Should you print out this piece, please do not printout, ‘Kaa, The Jungle Book snake’, as to do so
will take away the learning advantage of this additional piece of work.
I include how long it takes me to slow read with comprehension these pieces in order to encourage you to read them yourselves.
I recognise that those of you who have problems reading may find this to be difficult, but even so
I’d like you to read as far as you are able as this IS part of the process of enabling you not only to be an excellent and efficient TCR but also to be able to better enjoy slow reading when you choose to do so. Even though this piece is recorded directly onto an MP3(notes) and MP3(+) it IS a necessary part of the learning process for you to spend a few minutes slow reading the written material.

Introduction to Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
A practical overview of Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
How to choose a book. A Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
Emotions when Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

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