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Stress that upsets me and what I can offer.

He is called Cuddles and I have some amusing stories 
as to how he helps when I have my therapist hat on. M'reen

A sentence taken from 'Michelle Rhee still doesn’t get it'.
“Some kindergarten students now don’t have time for recess because they are learning reading
and math — that gives short shrift to subjects including science, history and the arts”.
An attitude that has disturbed me for decades and it would take me pages to describe to you why;
based on my teacher training of the 1970s and the Nursery School I created in the 1980s etc.

What has this to do with Turbo Charged Reading you might legitimately ask? Written by M'reen
A lot, as Turbo Charged Reading can offer freedom, an escape.

I recently met a professional person who is charged out in 6 minute blocks.
Those 6 minute blocks include going-to-the-toilet-time!
He was so anxious regarding a failed appointment that he had no influence over
that he was present with nothing but the consequences when he returned to his cage.

For the child who has learned to read and can read with comprehension.

Anything that is written down on papers or electronic media can be Turbo Charged Read
this means facts, figures, diagrams, formulae, language spelling lists, actually everything.
a) The year’s work can be Turbo Charged Read a few times at the beginning of the year
b) and re-TCR each term as review and preview or c) sections can be TCR before each lesson.

B} You might ask, ‘if after TCR the material is firmly in my innermind and I’ve the mind maps
for swotting purposes why should I re-TCR all the material for reviewing purposes’?
I would answer that you are perfectly correct from the point of view of a reading, retaining
and recalling point of view. However I have learned as a Counselling student and have experienced
as a reading tutor of a nine year old that to ‘know’ that you ‘know’ gives an immense confidence boost and validation to the work previously undertaken.
A,C} When TCR a course’s written work in advance then that information is in your innermind
and your little neurons have created new pathways establishing that information
sections of which is re-visited before each lesson and built upon within each lesson 
not as strange incomprehensible material but as a building up of understanding.
For example, you cannot understand the diagrams and formulae etc from simply TCR them
but when they come to be  taught, then their form is not unfamiliar as the building blocks
are there and just need to become familiar in you innermind with the tutorial.

What does this all mean to a child who is being processed in nursery school
or is being regimented in ‘big’ school?

I would argue that being able to TCR enables the Freedom To Be A Child.
Get the school work done; get the extracurricular activities done; activities that may be
of interest only to the child because no-one knows the child’s inner heart 
and the child ‘enjoys’ what is expected and valued.
After which the child will have time to enjoy what is naturally enjoyed, have time to dream
with clouds – an often undervalued occupation. Also the parents and teachers will have a more successful relationship with the child, their own aspirations and any obligations they feel.

For the adult who is stuck in an occupation that is not of benefit to them as a person
a change of direction, a new career an unexpected opportunity or responsibility.
My gosh is there enough time to add: a hobby, interest and all those areas that enable one
to become a more satisfied and complete person?
TCR a new career while maintaining your old one and supporting your lifestyle.
TCR your subject area for your interview or newly appointed responsibilities.
TCR the legal changes in your profession or the monthly updates for your products.
TCR your subject area in order to give an expert presentation or invent a new recipe
        described as tasty or successful or envision a new play > sport or thespian .
TCR just for the fun of it.

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

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